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Close To The Heart  is a local business to me, run by the wonderful mom boss Larissa Flanigan. Find out how she turned her small business into a full time career, all from home. 

Larissa is a mom of two beautiful girls aged 2 and 5. She started her at home business in the spring of 2013 as a way to stay home with her daughter (4 months old at the time). She started by attending the program  Women In The Workforce, which helped her lay down a foundation for owning her business. Since then, she has continued to expand her business and has successfully made it into a full time career.

Though working from home can be challenging, Larissa says that bills remain to be the biggest motivation there is. When you have a business of your own, you don’t have a regular paycheck and therefore you need to put the time and effort in to succeed. She points out that having a good routine is important. Now that Larissa’s children are older, they are in school and daycare which creates time throughout the day for Larissa to get work done. She admits that she’s struggled with the balance of family life and work life in the past; it’s all a learning experience.

Larissa works alone, though she does have an accountant. She creates and makes everything herself. She also has the cutest shed, turned shop, I’ve ever seen! If you’re local in Moncton, NB it’s a must see. She is currently working towards receiving a post grad diploma in Social Entrepreneurship (you go girl!). She creates/makes personalized items such as mugs, shirts, stuffed animals, puzzles- you name it! Her shop also carries big brands like Re-Play and Tula. Fun Fact- She is the only retailer for Baby Tula in all of New Brunswick at this time.

The lesson I personally take from talking to Larissa and watching her business grow is that you are always evolving. As your business grows, you adapt. Her advice to moms thinking of starting up something new is: “Really sit down and think – can I live without a paycheck, and for how long? Am I willing to give up sleep, or miss out because work comes first?”.





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