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Maddie Bow Co is one of my favourite bow shops, keep reading to find out why..

I found Maddie Bow Co on instagram (where I find majority of my small shops). I had met the owner through brand repping opportunities and created a friendship based off the love and passion for shopping small. When Chrissie announced she was starting her own bow shop I was super excited for her; but I by no means expected to be this obsessed with her bows haha.

Chrissie opened shop in October. Since then I’ve accumulated eight bows. EIGHT. Keep in mind that Nova reps for a couple of bow companies, and I have still purchased bows from Maddie Bow Co. Chrissie has a very unique eye for prints. She manages to find lots of character prints which I absolutely love! We own the princesses, superheros, mermaids, and I have two more character prints currently in the making. I haven’t seen these character prints at any of the other bow shops I currently purchase from.

Another reason to love Maddie Bow Co is the competitive prices. Her prices as of right now are $5 per leather and glitter bows, and $3.50 for fabric bows.  Of course these prices are always subject to change. Pair that with super cute packaging and fast delivery time and you have a win!

Nova has pulled and played with her bows and none of them have fallen apart. This is a big deal to me, as Nova does tend to be quite rough. She’s always putting hats on and off, which at times will take bows out of her hair. She also enjoys trying to put bows on her dolls (and mommy). It’s essential for us to have bows that are durable.

If you’re looking for super cute, unique, affordable bows I genuinely suggest Maddie Bow Co. She has so many different prints that there really is something for everyone. The customer service is genuine and Chrissie is very passionate about her work. You won’t be disappointed! Various styles, sizes and prints are available; as well as bow ties.

For more info on Chrissie , the mommy maker behind Maddie Bow Co, you can check out my Mom The Maker post here.




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