Hey Guys! My name is Brandy. I’m a 27 year old mommy from the Maritimes. I work as a behaviour manager at an after school program part time, and spend the rest of my time trying to rock the mommy life. In this blog you will get to know me, and my beautiful daughter Nova, on a whole new level.


Novadear is a blog that I have been slowly creating for just shy of a year. It’s a place to communicate with other parents and share experiences. I am by no means an expert- but was very inspired by other blogs and various youtube channels when I became pregnant (and continue to be) and thought that I would start my own in hopes to inspire others as well. I hope to touch all topics regarding pregnancy, parenting, and some behaviour management. I could talk babies, baby products, toys, childcare, self care, behaviour, and just about any other topic relating to children forever; but rather than bore those around me I thought a blog would be better suited.


Like i mentioned I am from the Maritimes. I love the good ol’ East Coast and can’t wait to share some experiences with you.


I began brainstorming and planning this blog shortly after Nova was born. Due to me being a perfectionist I had to wait to launch it until it was how I envisioned it.


I’ve had the opportunity of working with children for years now and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve worked with various children, families, circumstances and each experience has taught me something new. Now that I have my own family I see things from several perspectives and I hope I can share and inspire those who take the time to read this blog.

Credentials Certificates of Completion

  • Human Service Counselor Program
  • Active Parenting Training
  • Applied Behavioural Analysis Training
  • Grief & Loss Recovery
  • Crisis Prevention/Intervention Training
  • Gentle Teaching Training
  • Social Role Valorization Training
  • ABA Training
  • Principles of Healthy Child Development Training
  • Mastery of Yoga Teacher’s Training

Credentials Awards

  • Principal’s Award (college)
  • Roslyn Cabot Award of Excellence