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A blogging website about pregnancy, parenting & behaviour management. The site is kept simple and easy to navigate for those short and sweet reading times when the little ones are napping. Key words are found in bold to allow for quick scrolling.

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Meaning Of Novadear

The Story Behind The Name

Novadear is named after my daughter, Nova.

I had come up with so many different titles for my blog and none of them felt personal enough. I want this blog to be an extension of my life, to share my experiences, to remember, in detail, the little things.

Many names sounded “advice-y”. This blog is not intended to be an advice column. It is simply my personal experience as a mom; with some of my profession mixed in on the side. It’s a way to bond my two worlds.

The amount of times I say ” Nova dear” a day is probably off the charts. Any time she does something cute, troublesome, funny, frustrating; you name it!

Nova is my first born, therefore she is the one who made me a parent. I can honestly say that in doing so I became a better person. This blog will have past and current experiences documented.



When I met you, I instantly knew. The love, the fear, the experience, is what I was destined to do.  ” – Brandy

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